My philosophy when training elite athletes is not limited to just making them stronger; lifting 200 pounds while having a poor landing after a jump will only increase the possibility of an injury, making me an ineffective sports performance coach. To face this challenge, I focus on the athlete’s assessment, while including other parameters to my training regime like flexibility, mobility, conditioning and proper agility techniques. For a team sport like basketball or volleyball, the goal is for the athlete to achieve the same high performance through the duration of the match. Many parameters play their role to this: nutrition, sleep, training and mental stress; I care and cater for all of them in my workouts.


Peak performance with the help of nutrition plans, the latest coaching methods and the help of biomechanical perspective for perfecting your movement.

– Increase: Power, Agility, Flexibility and Jumping
– Mobility Development
– Nutrition plans for each athlete according to his goal
– Youth Athletes: Customized training program for our Youth Athletes through pedagogical techniques


Reduction of injuries and restoration of musculoskeletal injuries with synchronous and reliable techniques.

– Regeneration Strategies
– Protocols of Fast Recovery


– Manual therapy
– Aquilo
– Recovery boots
– Protocols of Fast Recovery


Ergometric Assessment and appropriate guidance after thorough evaluation of the athlete or trainee through validated tests.

– Evaluation of Physical Competencies: VO2max, Agility, Flexibility, Speed, Functionality of movement
– Progress for improvement (Team Ergometric Assessment, Athletes Individual Assessment)

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